Accepted Papers

Comparison of athletic performances across disciplines and disability classes

Chris Barnes


Factors Influencing Robustness and Effectiveness of Conditional Random Fields in Active Learning Frameworks

Mahnoosh Kholghi, Laurianne Sitbon, Guido Zuccon and Anthony Nguyen


Tree Based Scalable Indexing for Multi-Party Privacy Preserving Record Linkage

Thilina Ranbaduge, Peter Christen and Dinusha Vatsalan


Towards Social Media as a Data Source for Opportunistic Sensor Networking

James Meneghello, Kevin Lee and Nik Thompson


A Case Study of Utilising Concept Knowledge in a Topic Specific Document Collection

Gavin Shaw and Richi Nayak


An Efficient Tagging Data Interpretation and Representation Scheme for Item Recommendation

Noor Ifada and Richi Nayak


Evolving Wavelet Neural Networks for Breast Cancer Classification

Maryam Khan, Stephan Chalup and Alexandre Mendes


Dynamic Class Prediction with Classifier Based Distance Measure

Senay Yasar Saglam and Nick Street


Detecting Digital Newspaper Duplicates with Focus on eliminating OCR errors

Yeshey Peden and Richi Nayak


Improving Scalability and Performance of Random Forest Based Learning-to-Rank Algorithms by Aggressive Subsampling

Muhammad Ibrahim and Mark Carman


A Multidimensional Collaborative Filtering Fusion Approach with Dimensionality Reduction

Xiaoyu Tang, Yue Xu, Ahmad Abdel-Hafez and Shlomo Geva


The Schema Last Approach to Data Fusion

Neil Brittliff and Dharmendra Sharma


A Triple Store Implementation to support Tabular Data

Neil Brittliff and Dharmendra Sharma


Pruned Annular Extreme Learning Machine Optimization based on RANSAC Multi Model Response Regularization

Lavneet Singh and Girija Chetty


Automatic Detection of Cluster Structure Changes using Relative Density Self-Organizing Maps

Denny, Pandu Wicaksono and Ruli Manurung


Decreasing Uncertainty for Improvement of Relevancy Prediction

Libiao Zhang, Yuefeng Li and Moch Arif Bijaksana


Identifying Product Families Using Data Mining Techniques in Manufacturing Paradigm

Israt Jahan Chowdhury and Richi Nayak


Market Segmentation of EFTPOS Retailers

Ashishkumar Singh, Grace Rumantir and Annie South


Locality-Sensitive Hashing for Protein Classification

Lawrence Buckingham, James Hogan, Shlomo Geva and Wayne Kelly


Real-time Collaborative Filtering Recommender Systems

Huizhi Liang, Haoran Du and Qing Wang


Pattern-based Topic Modelling for Query Expansion

Yang Gao, Yue Xu and Yuefeng Li


Hartigan's Method for K-modes Clustering and Its Advantages

Zheng Rong Xiang and Zahidul Islam


Data Cleansing during Data Collection from Wireless Sensor Networks

Md Zahidul Islam, Quazi Mamun and Md Geaur Rahman


Content Based Image Retrieval Using Signature Representation

Dinesha Chathurani Nanayakkara Wasam Uluwitige, Shlomo Geva, Vinod Chandran and Timothy Chappell

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